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About the Club

In September 2019 the FACC-Chicago launched a Food and Agribusiness Committee to create a venue for industry leaders from all areas of the food and agriculture sectors to come together to network, collaborate and learn. Committee members will include professionals in manufacturing, food service, finance, research and policy.

Stephanie Bodak

Stephanie is a multicultural Marketing Executive with 25 years of experience. At Nestle and Kellogg, she led growth for iconic brands like Nestle Confectionery and Special K. As Chief Marketing Officer of Smartbox Group, she shaped the company's vision and spearheaded its digital transformation. With extensive experience managing multicultural teams, Stephanie brings a hands-on entrepreneurial approach.

Marc Panvier

Marc is a seasoned professional with over 33 years at Bel, currently serving as Senior VP Operations North America. His extensive experience includes roles such as Global Industrial Director for Hard Cheese and "La Vache qui rit," and various leadership positions across Europe and Africa. Marc excels in managing large-scale operations, driving growth, and leading cross-functional teams in multicultural environments. Based in Chicago, he brings a wealth of expertise to the Food and Agribusiness Club.

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