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About the Committee

Mentoring Program

The FACC's Women for Women Committee oversees a mentoring program for women seeking to articulate and implement a job search strategy after a recent relocation to the U.S. or a pause in their career. 

This network of professional women from a range of fields is eager to help others think through their career advancement and identify professional opportunities. Volunteer mentors are matched with women seeking career guidance (mentees) for up to one year to help with: 

  • Networking opportunities in the US
  • Job searches in the US
  • Resume & interview preparation
  • Understanding cultural differences in the workplace
  • Specific industry information, when available 


Networking lunches and annual Women for Women Breakfast Panel

Each year the FACC's Women for Women Committee organizes a breakfast panel presentation for the general public on current career-related issues. Join us on Thursday April 11th for a dynamic conversation about personal branding with four experts in the field. Learn more  here


The FACC's Women for Women Committee also holds quarterly networking lunches for former, current and prospective mentors and mentees to discuss career-related issues. These quarterly gatherings are a great opportunity to meet our Committee members and to learn about our mentoring program and other events. 

Please contact us for more information. 


    Become a Mentee

    Candidates interested in participating in the mentoring program must complete and submit a mentee application form that describes the candidate’s professional background and career objectives. Candidates accepted into the program will be paired with a mentor in their field to help develop a U.S. job search strategy.  

    In order to become a mentee, candidates must have the following:

    • Valid US working authorization
    • Bachelor's degree equivalent or higher
    • Minimum of 5 years of professional experience
    • Membership with FACC-Chicago
    • English proficiency


    Become a Mentor

    If you would like to join us group as a professional mentor, please:
    1- Download and fill out the mentor application form.
    2- Email us the completed application form and your resume.

     Please note that we are not a recruitment agency, nor a relocation agency. We are not selling a service; this is entirely non-for-profit and all of our mentors are volunteers.

    Contact us for more information at: mentoringw4w@facc-chicago.com


    ‘’I was lucky enough to be selected by the W2W partnership program. I really appreciate the support Axelle Brand provided me at a difficult time for me. She overcame the same challenges and succeeded. She gave me hope. After each of our meeting I felt filled with energy all over again and confident that I will find the right opportunity.

    The biggest challenge for me was to get my resume read by the right people, people who are able to understand my path and ready to meet me. The keys are good preparation and resilience.

    After 6 months of intensive job search, I am now Program Manager at Motorola Mobility (part of Google Group). My position at Motorola perfectly fit into my career plan.”

    Murielle C. (Mentee)


    "The W4W mentoring program provided me very helpful insight of the US job research market, and for my job search strategy. During those months I learned with my mentor how to perform relevant networking, improve my resume and practice my "Elevator Pitch". The program also gave me the opportunities to introduce myself to inspiring women in Chicago. I want to thank you all for this great support and program."

    Nathalie B.C. (Mentee)


    "I totally enjoyed this first opportunity to contribute to the W4W Committee. I find that a rewarding aspect of this process is when such a synergy develops between mentee and mentor and we can then watch the mentee make great strides toward their goals!"

    Bo Golovan (Mentor)

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