XR & Gaming Tech Working Group

In the last 50 years, gaming technologies have moved way beyond the arcade and the living room. What was once considered an addictive hobby for teenagers has turned into an ensemble of features directly impacting the way people live and work.

Interactions, immersion, and storytelling are the three main elements that have been adapted to professional environments to educate, train, engage, bring awareness and more.

Extended Reality (XR) is the umbrella term used for Virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) that covers the full spectrum of real and virtual environments.

The XR & Gaming Working Group brings together professionals from these sectors to discuss changing technologies and their application to the business world.

Please contact us to participate.

Committee Co-Chairs

Sebastien Bru Co-Chair
Laurent da Dalto Co-Chair

Past Events

User eXperience: Meaning Beyond Design

With the generalization of remote work and the emergence of immersive technologies, user experience is a critical topic as we adopt new modes of interaction.

For content creators, it's the key to naturally engaging an audience. For users, it will determine the degree of comfort or frustration with the experience.

During this roundtable, we will explore various “UX” approaches with experts and learn what it means for them in their specific areas.

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