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We help building owners optimize their carbon footprint


“Hello Everyone, 
This is Hugo DELUZET from Kalima North America Inc.

Data is vital to effective business decisions, but at scale, and with the current market tools, it is difficult to leverage data for all its worth. It is difficult to collect, ensure accuracy, and trace along its lifecycle. 
Kalima manages the end-to-end lifecycle of data collection, and its decentralized applications allow companies to customize how data is collected, cleaned, consolidated, used, and reported. 
Kalima protocol is a unique blockchain solution due to its capacity to be embedded in very small connected devices, collect original data at the edge and execute Client-Side Smart Contract & low energy consumption. 
Discover how Kalima leverage this technology enabling an auditable carbon accounting for building asset manager.

Join KALIMA in their mission to build a more sustainable future. As building owners, we have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment.”

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