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Vincent Burtin - Business Development / VIE or Internship

Currently in last year of management and international strategy studies, i’m looking for an internship or a VIE from April 2024.

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Jules Godreul - Student in Chemistry Engineering School

Master’s student in high performance materials. I’m looking for a 15 week internship abroad as an assistant engineer starting late May 2024. I enjoy working in team and I am seeking to work in various industries.

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Hugo Monteiro - Student Lawyer 6 months internship

 I am currently a student lawyer at the Paris Bar School. As part of my training, I am planning to do a 6-month internship abroad from July to December 2024.

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Quentin Vanden Borre- 3-6 months internship in finance

I am currently enrolled in a Master in Management (Programme Grande Ecole) at Skema Business School, Top 6 in France, with a specialization in Finance and Quants.I am seeking a 3 to 6 months internship in the United States, from July 2024 and until December 2024.


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Agnès Bettinelli - Business Law 6 months internship

Currently studying at the Bar School in France, I have graduated with a Master’s degree in International Law from the University Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne and with a Master's degree in Business Law from the University of Nîmes.

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Julien Bombois - Civil engineer, 6 months internship

Student in 4th year of master's degree in civil engineering, I am seeking for a 6 months internship through a gap year (from july 2024 to january 2025)

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Killian Brette - Summer Internship

Nathan Boughalem-Salier - Machine Learning

Cycle Ingenieur Student (X22) at Ecole Polytechnique, specialized in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. I am seeking for a summer internship in machine learning to enhance my knowledge of theory and technical skills.

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Paul Gay - Marketing/Communication

As part of my junior year of my BBA at INSEEC Lyon, I am looking for a 3 month internship in the US starting in June 2024 in the field of marketing/communication/negotiation.


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Simon Amyot - Marketing & Communication

I'm currently in my third year at the University of Western Ontario, studying media and the arts. I'm looking for a marketing or communications internship for 2024

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Malwann Durand - Business, Management, Accounting, HR

Juliette Plantiveau - Finance

Master's degree student at Audencia Business School in France.  Looking for her second internship abroad in macroeconomic analysis, public finance and international trade

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Hugo Rigaud - Engineering

I'm a final-year student at SupMicroTech-ENSMM, an engineering school specializing in mechanics and microtechnology, and I must embark on my final-year study internship starting from February 5, 2024.


Gwendoline Solbiac - International Business

I played handball for 9 years. That gave me a steel mind. It's a team game that's why I am able to work with a team efficiently and quickly. Furthermore, my work experiences with people with mental illness helped me to develop patience, understanding and taught me how to be tolerant.

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