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Amy Soquet - Marketing Communications

I am seeking a Marketing Communications position that aligns my French language skills and career in Marketing.  I have a personal interest in French language, culture, and business practices.

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Herve Kensoug Nguemo - Finance, Energy

I am an MBA student at HEC Paris and currently I’m on an MBA exchange at Chicago Booth University. I am seeking new opportunities with a strong intention to settle in Chicago. 

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Nicolas Chatelain - Senior B2B Executive / General Manager

Senior retail and B2B leader with demonstrated expertise managing Food Tech company and U.S. subsidiary of a major disposable packaging French manufacturer. 

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Jean Tatibouët - Business Development

Rebecca Merle - Hospitality/Event Management

Mary Kate Kriscovich - Technical Consultant; Business Analyst

As a consultant with a passion for banking technology and cybersecurity, I am seeking challenging and dynamic career opportunities through which I can apply my skills, including expertise in Salesforce and Microsoft, to French companies.


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Maéva Le Gousse - Project Manager

I am a versatile project planner with significant organizational and creative skills. I have great leadership for dynamic team management while having a sense of responsibilities, optimism and collaboration.

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Alice Weulersse - Marketing Manager

Marketing & Communications manager with 12 years of international experience in three industrial sectors (automotive, aerospace and energy).

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Adam Reinhart - Strategy Consultant, Change Management Consultant/specialist, Organizational Development Consultant/Specialist, Human Capital Consultant

Change consultant and organizational developer with a broad range of international experience leading and developing change, talent, and strategic initiatives. Successfully impacted outcomes across organizational culture, talent development, and business strategy. Versed in change management models including Kotter, Lewin, and McKinsey 7-S. Multilingual in French (fluent), and Spanish (proficient).


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Segolene Petitmangin - Marketing and/or Business Development Position

Lara Lepret - Marketing

Accomplished marketing graduate with experience in project planning and execution, and world travel experience. I am looking for a challenging and diverse beginning to my career in Operational Marketing.

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Diane PĂ©rĂšs - Finance

Flexible and analytical computer science engineer with experience in Financial Services fields and Commercial Real Estate. Determined and studious, I pursue a double Master’s degrees in Computer Science & Networking and Financial Mathematics. I have broad experience in a variety of IT functions and am especially passionate about applying my computational skills in finance functions.


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Audrey Ganschar - Ass. Director Industrial Engineering

Dynamic and resourceful professional with hands-on expertise in governing production plants, improving product quality, implementing a lean methodology, and monitoring KPIs. Impactful leader; reorganizing the industrial engineering team with a strong emphasis on technology integration and process optimization. Intuitive mindset; effectively determining innovative solutions to complicated business growth and operational challenges. Excellent collaborator; engaging with stakeholders and gaining buy-in. Focus on economic and financial benefits, as well as productivity gains. Demonstrated experience in three different sectors, including pharmaceutical, automotive manufacturing, and technology.


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Charre Sunique - Account Manager, Accounts Receivable, Billing Analyst

Customer-centric professional, managing account receivables process from billing/invoicing to payment and collections. Build long-term relationships with corporate and government clients as well as suppliers; provide customized support in use of systems, tools, and procedures to expedite payment remittance. Collaborate with diverse internal/external stakeholders to coordinate and improve processes and system conversions. Assess customer needs and advocate for assistance as needed. Bilingual in English and French.


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Theresa Bourgess - Sales Representative

Motivated and hardworking multilingual finance student anticipating graduation in May 2025 and aspiring to progress into an MBA program.. Currently pursing internship opportunities in business, consulting, or financial sphere for Summer 2024.

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Emma Rose Levy - Marketing / Management / Tech / IT

Visionary and results-oriented professional with a Master's degree in Information Systems. Aspiring professional with a Master's degree in Information Systems and a passion for stepping into leadership and managerial positions within the field. My academic journey has equipped me with a solid foundations. I am eager to apply this knowledge to real-world challenges. My dedication to continuous learning and adaptability, positions me as a promising candidate for leadership roles. Fluent in English and French, with strong language certifications.

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Marie Poirot - Science Collaboration and Outreach Coordinator

Dedicated professional with a robust scientific background and expertise in science communication. Currently, I am involved in driving progress in science diplomacy, fostering international scientific cooperation between the US and France, and supporting 


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