EFE International: Supporting French Entrepreneurs Abroad for Economic Growth

EFE International, led by the ComitĂ© National des Conseillers du Commerce ExtĂ©rieur of France and the network of French Chambers of Commerce abroad, is dedicated to supporting French entrepreneurs operating overseas. 

Launched in September 2021, this initiative aims to strengthen the global presence of French businesses by creating opportunities and connections. 

Through collaboration and valuable resources, EFE International strives to enhance the position of French companies in the international market. Recognized by both businesses and French public authorities, it has become a trusted brand.

EFE International Missions

Boosting France's International Trade:

EFE International works to enhance France's international trade by facilitating connections and opportunities for French businesses operating abroad. With collaboration and valuable resources, the initiative aims to strengthen the global position of French companies.

Supporting French Entrepreneurs Abroad:

EFE International provides dedicated services to French entrepreneurs operating outside their home country. It offers guidance, support, and networking opportunities tailored to their specific needs, empowering them for growth and success.

Strengthening Connections with France:

EFE International recognizes the importance of strong connections between French entrepreneurs abroad and their home country. By fostering collaborations, linking them with service providers, partners, and potential investors from France and abroad, the initiative aims to reinforce these ties and encourage mutual growth.


Ambitions of EFE International Ambitions

Sending Volunteers and Providing Assistance:

EFE International aims to deploy volunteers to companies through the Volontaires Internationaux en Entreprise (V.I.E) program. This initiative not only supports the companies but also provides valuable assistance to EFE International, ensuring program success and fostering collaboration between talented individuals and businesses.

Strengthening Connections with France:

EFE International strives to establish connections between French entrepreneurs abroad and potential partners, service providers, and investors from France and other countries. By facilitating these connections, the initiative creates opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and economic growth.

EFE International, driven by the National Committee of Foreign Trade Advisors of France and the network of French Chambers of Commerce abroad, is making a significant impact in supporting French entrepreneurs abroad. With a focus on economic growth and fostering connections, this private initiative is empowering businesses, facilitating international trade, and reinforcing the ties between French entrepreneurs operating overseas and their home country. As EFE International continues to expand its services and influence, it serves as a vital resource for French entrepreneurs seeking success on the global stage.






First Chicago based to enter the EFE Program

In our region, Catherine Sarr, founder and owner of Almasika, a fine jewelry company based in Chicago is our first official EFE!

Catherine Sarr, a Paris-born jeweler based in Chicago, founded ALMASIKA to create meaningful jewelry that celebrates cultural unity. With a background in the luxury diamond industry, she combines beauty and significance in her designs. Catherine is an avid art collector, co-founder of Prix Sarr, and supports global artists. She is also involved in civic initiatives and recognized for her contributions to the jewelry and art communities.


Almasika Fine JewelLEry

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