#MeetOurMembers: Elite French Tutoring

Empower Your World: Speak French Confidently, Connect Globally with EFT Chicago

Expanding its reach to the Chicago area, Elite French Tutoring (EFT) brings a strong foundation based in New York and over 10 years of experience to deliver world-class French language learning directly to you.


Flexible and Accessible Learning:

•      Online platforms and virtual immersion courses.

•      Tailored private, semi-private, and corporate training programs.

Igniting Passion for Language:

•      Beyond vocabulary and grammar, instilling cultural nuances.

•      Confidence for real-world communication.

Professional Excellence Meets Personalized Instruction:

•      Proficiency in both language and cultural knowledge.

•      Unlocking boundless possibilities in French-speaking environments.


Whether you're a business professional, an organization expanding its international reach, an aspiring traveler seeking cultural connection, or a student pursuing academic excellence, EFT is your compass to French-speaking confidence and cultural understanding. With immersive online classes and virtual experiences, EFT empowers your journey, ensuring you gain the skills needed for success in French-speaking environments.


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