#MeetOurMembers - Frank Bitoun, Tech Entrepreneur, Strategic consultant, Business Advisor

Frank Bitoun stands out as an advisor and entrepreneur with over 30 years in the industry.

His journey is more than a career: it's a story of innovation, leadership, and a commitment to positive change.


From Tech Visionary to Entrepreneurial Dynamo

Frank’s journey started with a flair for entrepreneurship. From co-founding the first Microsoft Enterprise Licensing partner in France to leading startups to Gleammee, his journey showcase a sharp business mind. His latest ventures, SANA Consulting LLC offering Board advisory and strategic consulting in M&A, Business development and Sales effectiveness, and MAGNA LABS LLC, offering fractional CxO and operational services, embodies his dedication to supporting businesses to strive.


Empowering consumer’s consciousness in consuming Fashion: GLEAMMEE's Stylish Revolution

GLEAMMEE, where fashion meets tech in the coolest way possible. Frank, as the founder and CEO, bootstrapped an app that empowers users to make conscious fashion choices, aligning with Frank’s belief that "tech is for good".


Global Leadership

Franks’ executive roles in global companies such as Crayon, SoftwareONE, Insight, and Dell showcase his leadership impact. Whether turning around, developing or expanding internally, Frank's got the instinct for turning challenges into success stories.


Climate Fresk Facilitator

As a Climate Fresk facilitator, Frank help companies accelerate their SDG effectiveness and sustainable strategy through climate change awareness and employee education. The Climate fresk’s workshop enables anyone to easily access climate science and transforms learning into a team-building exercise, fostering a sense of collective responsibility.


Tech for good community

Frank is the US south East chapter leader for FaB (Fashion and BeautyTech), a pro bono community bringing together 15,000+ entrepreneurs and investors in Fashion, Beauty and Retail Tech as well as in sustainability. Through networking, events, panels, pay it forward mentorship, the FaB community set the landscape for innovators to emerge.


A Future of Innovation and Positivity

In a world where tech stories often sound like a series of buzzwords, Frank Bitoun stands out. His ability to navigate between entrepreneurship, corporate leadership, and sustainability advocacy is a rare combination. As the tech landscape evolves, Frank is shaping a future where tech isn't just a tool for success but a force for good. 

A huge thank you to Frank Bitoun for his time. As a member of FACC, Frank's influence and dedication enrich our community, contributing to a shared vision of a tech industry that goes beyond profit margins, embodying positive change and innovation.

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