Strengthening Collaborations for French Tech Start-ups: A New Partnership

French Tech and CCI France International have recently signed a landmark partnership agreement

We are excited to share the great news! The French Tech and CCI France International have recently signed a landmark partnership agreement. This collaboration aims to enhance the connections and collaborations between French Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCI FI) and French Tech Communities, supporting the growth of French start-ups in the international arena.

This strategic collaboration is designed to offer increased support to French start-ups looking to expand their operations globally. By strengthening the natural synergies between CCI FI and French Tech Communities abroad, we will create a dynamic ecosystem that promotes the success of the French tech industry.

To achieve our shared goals, we have committed to four key principles:

- Consolidating interactions, exchanges, and collaborations between the teams in France and across the globe. They will invite each other to participate in major events organized by their institutions and networks, fostering cross-pollination of ideas and opportunities.

- Supporting the internationalization of start-ups that are part of the prestigious French Tech programs. This includes the Next 40 / French Tech 120 and the newly launched French Tech 2030 program. This partnership will prioritize emerging actors, particularly those in the DeepTech sector, operating in sectors and technologies deemed crucial for France's future success.

- Accelerating international collaborations between French Tech Communities abroad and CCI FI, with a primary focus on empowering French start-ups. They will open up the vast network of CCI FI, ensuring seamless access and offering operational support to the Communities. Additionally, they will jointly plan and finance initiatives that promote the excellence of French tech on the global stage.

A notable example of their collaborative efforts is the highly successful partnership between La French Tech Austin, La French Tech Houston, and FACC Texas during the renowned South by Southwest festival in the United States, where we showcased French tech prowess through various high-impact events, including a panel discussion featuring distinguished guests Thomas Pesquet and Barbara Belvisi.

- Uniting and energizing a thriving community of local, French, and international entrepreneurs by fostering meaningful connections between ecosystems. Together, they will focus on common priority themes such as disruptive innovation and the urgent transition towards a more sustainable future.

We are incredibly optimistic about the prospects this partnership holds for the growth and global success of French start-ups. Join us as we shape the future of the French tech ecosystem, paving the way for innovative breakthroughs and international collaborations.



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