Resume Review Services

Resume Review Services

Resume Review Services 

New to the U.S. job market? Resume Review Services offers options tailored to your needs, whether you are looking to have your resume reviewed, would like to have it posted our Candidate Board for prospective employers, or would like to have your resume both reviewed by FACC-Chicago staff and posted to our Candidate Board.

*For all resume posters: PLEASE DO NOT include your personal home address nor photo on your resume. You may choose to include your current city/state/country and zipcode. One-page only resumes are strongly encouraged.


1. Post your resume to our Candidate BoardEmail us your resume (CV) and your replies to the criteria listed below, and we will post your for 6 months to our Le Job Hub's Candidate Board.  In your email, please copy-paste your answers to the following along with your resume:

  • Seeking: (e.g., Product Managment and Project Management)
  • Industry(ies):  
  • Contract Type:
  • Education: 
  • Years of experience:
  • French Level:
  • English Level:
  • Work Authorization & Legal Status:
  • Availability Date:
  • Linkedin:

Resume posting is free for FACC-Chicago Members. Not a member?  Please pay here ($50):    NON-MEMBER PAYMENT 

2. Resume Review: Have your resume reviewed and edited by the FACC-Chicago. Members and non-members can submit their resume for review via email.

  • FACC-Chicago Members receive a discount on resume reviews - both Members and non-members can pay here:    PAYMENT - RESUME REVIEW 

3. Post your resume and have it reviewed: Members and non-members, if you would like to both post your resume on our Candidate Board and have it reviewed prior to posting, please email us your resume below, and answer the bullet points in bold text listed above ("Seeking", etc.).

  • FACC-Chicago Members and non-Members, please select the appropriate payment option here: 



Please email us if you have any questions about our Le Job Hub or Candidate Board.

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