VIE Trainee Program

What is the V.I.E. Program?

The V.I.E. program is a business development opportunity for French companies looking to grow in the U.S. and for young professionals looking to develop their practical experience, leadership skills, linguistic competency and cross-cultural learning.



How does it work?

The V.I.E. Program allows French companies to send a young professional to the U.S. on a 6 to 18-month work training program with a J1 trainee visa.


Eligible candidates are multi-lingual French or E.U. citizens, typically with degrees in business, engineering or law.


For the duration of his or her stay, the V.I.E. works for and represents a France-based company and is hosted by a partner company in the U.S. (a client, distributor, supplier or other company with a formal arrangement that fits the required host company guidelines.)  


If you are a V.I.E. candidate looking for opportunities in the U.S., start here.


If you are a U.S. company seeking to host a V.I.E trainee, learn more about the requirements here.


If you are a French company seeking information on recruiting a V.I.E. a obtaining a J1 visa, contact us and we can help you get started.

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