FACC-Chicago Committees and Working Groups

FACC-Chicago’s sectoral committees were created to bring together industry leaders from all functional areas (manufacturing, finance, research, policy) of one specific sector to network, collaborate and learn.

FACC-Chicago’s working groups were created to bring together professionals in the same job function (CEOs / Founders, CFOs, HR Directors) across sectors to network, collaborate, exchange best practices and learn.

FACC-Chicago’s professional development committees (Women for Women, Young Professionals) were created to support participants in their professional development and organize related workshops and networking events.


Committees and working groups hold three to four events each year according to the format and schedule that best serve their interests and business needs. FACC-Chicago staff partner with the committee or group co-chairs to organize and promote the programs.


For more information on joining or creating a working group or a committee, please contact Andrea Jett Fletcher.



Our Committees and Working Groups

Women for Women Committee

The Women for Women (W4W) Committee supports international professional women in their job search or career change.  

Food and Agribusiness Committee

The Food & Ag Committee gathers professionals from all areas of the food and agriculture sector to network, collaborate,...

Young Professionals

The YP Committee connects and builds the next generation of local French-American business leaders.

CFO Working Group

The CFO Working Group brings together CFOs across sectors to network, exchange best practices and learn.

XR & Gaming Tech Committee

The XR & Gaming Working Group brings together professionals from the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and...


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